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Step 1

Discovery Call

We will start with a 15 minute discovery call. In this call you tell me all your stresses, challenges with your project. I will share with you the way I work. And then we will decide if we should meet at your project. 


Step 2

Meet and Greet

We’ll next meet at the job site to learn more about your project. This is not a consultation, this is our first date. At the end of this meeting, we will ask for your hand in design marriage!!!


Step 3

Design Kick Off

The discovery of your family pictures that incorporate the four forever home design pillars.


Step Four

Design Preliminary

We’ll explore your wishes, inspirations and goals to tailor designs and details shaped by how you live through our mood boards. Whether it's furnishings, new construction or remodeling, leave the designing to us.


Step Five

Legacy Design

We will create mood boards and drawings required to implement design intentions. This is where design selections are finalized. For construction or remodel projects we provide the design notebook which is beneficial for your contractor.


Step Six

Purchasing Phase

We will create proposals for all furnishings or decorative items for your home. We place and manage orders and everything in between. You do not have to worry in this phase, we got you covered .


Step Seven

Installation Phase

You get to experience your own reveal of your space. This phase most clients wish they could wiggle their nose skipped ahead to this phase. And now you are finally here!!!


Step Eight

Celebration Phase

At this meeting our design marriage comes to end amicably and we celebrate You and your NEW space.

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