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"We worked with Rebecca to help with furniture selection and decor design for our new home. She is so professional and patient. Since day one, she listened to my husband and my needs. She delivered a product that went way above our expectations. The final product was simply breathtaking. If you are looking to remodel a home/business or need assistance with design, Rebecca is your go to girl. I highly recommend."
"She came up with brilliant ideas and we are Extremely satisfied with her services. Rebecca met all of our expectations and most importantly customer satisfaction. We will definitely use her services again and we highly recommend Rebecca Castillo Interiors."
"Rebecca has done a great job when working with my wife and I on our home as well as my office at work! Rebecca brings a lot of experience to the table and always has a plan in motion every time she enters a room. She is a great listener who gives great advice and is always full of new and innovative ideas!" 
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"I was in the middle of my remodel, adding a few upgrades to our home. The backsplash I chose went up, and I didn't like it; I knew I needed help. I felt completely overwhelmed with the process, not realizing how much time, effort, and decision making would go into our home remodel project. I contacted Rebecca Castillo Interiors, LLC. She swooped right in and picked up right where I left off. She was professional, offered clear guidance throughout the process, and chose colors, products, and styles tailored to our liking. I would highly recommend this company to all of my friends and family."

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